. . . i fade away
Last Night on Earth
Artist: Green Day
Album: 21st Century Breakdown
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Musics of my life: Last Night on Earth by Green Day

"If I lose everything on fire, I’m sending all my love to you."

All rights reserved to Green Day and Warner Bros Records (Reprise Records).

It Was Always You
Artist: Maroon 5
Album: V
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@katgrahampics: Closer ❤️

Ian Somerhalder talking about Bonnie and Damon’s fate and co star Kat Graham +

Kat Graham’s fan Q&A (x)

Let's Dance to Joy Division
Artist: The Wombats
Album: A Guide to Love, Loss, & Desperation
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Let’s Dance to Joy Division | The Wombats

so, if you’re ever feeling down
grab your purse and take a taxi


KSC Week | Day 2: Dark!Kennett AU - With encouragement from Kol, Bonnie gives in to the darker aspects of her magic, and she discovers that a wealth of power and knowledge is being kept from witches and warlocks everywhere. Before they spread the news that will finally turn the tide against vampires and their drama that keeps dragging witches down, Bonnie sends Kol to give her old friends one final warning.

You came here because you needed something, right?